I have decided to list things I want to do in this life. Not a bucket list. That sounds like I expect to kick the bucket, which I don’t. Okay. Well, yes, I guess at some point I will. But, this is more of a life list. A list of things that are important, enjoyable and make me feel life the most.

These are for me. Not for really any other purpose. A place for me to hold onto those dreams and hopefully as time goes on, I can come back and check them off.

In no particular order:

Go out west and visit mountains

Climb or at least hike those mountains with my husband and two boys.

Visit the Appalachian mountains

Go to Alabama to visit my brother and his family

Drink too much and play card games till the wee hours

Visit my sister and her family in Arizona

Have an uncontrollable fit of laughter with my sister

Go to Europe, spend time in England and Spain and Scotland.

Go to New Zealand

Go to concerts.

Learn to play the blues

Lay in the sun reading books

Actually lose the weight I keep saying I will in this lifetime

Play music again.

Have grandchildren and spoil them

To go California go visit my longest friend

Go to Hawaii to visit my other longest friend

And of course, win the lottery to be able to do this. 😂

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