Everyone whose hair is going to fall out due to chemo should have one.

I had long hair prior to it all coming out due to chemo. My oncologist suggested I have it cut prior to my hair falling out on its own. Not a bad suggestion. Keeps my vacuum and hair drains from being thrown into overdrive and clogging up. Sure, why not. I’ve always, ironically, donated my hair. I grow it long, get sick of it, and donate the standard 10 inches to locks of Love. I’ve done this for years. Because of this, I have always gone to a fancy spa and gotten my hair cut. Why? Because it’s a free haircut when I donate. So, why not?

Well, my husband suggested I go to a friend this time for my haircut. So, I messaged her and told her the situation. She said she didn’t feel comfortable charging me and said she had an idea instead. She said she would cut my hair, of course, but would also have a professional makeup artist and photographer. She asked how I felt about it to which I replied it sounds fantastic but I’m not sure I understood what was happening. That’s when she used the words a warrior makeover or session. That I would get my makeup done, and my hair done and have the photographer take pics of it. It sounded great me to and it was making me excited thinking about getting my hair cut instead of having dread and depression. Having your hair fall out, especially as a woman for something super crappy anyways, is indeed depressing. But, just the idea of having a makeover sounds fun. Having my makeup done sounds great. Being pampered sounds luxurious. I loved the idea instantly. And it touched my heart that she was going to put something like this together. Truthfully, she wasn’t really a close friend. She was within a circle of friends that I have. Someone I’ve seen a large gatherings. Sure, we’ve talked, but to put this love out there for someone you didn’t know very well is awesome indeed. Well, she’s my friend for life now.

Anyways, the day of was very special. My husband and Mom joined me. I must say first am foremost that the dynamics of that room were great. I had a great time. Emotionally I cried a few times. Touched by the generosity and outpouring of love from my angel volunteers.

First, I had the makeup artist apply my makeup. It was fun. She used airbrush makeup which I always wanted to try and she made me feel beautiful. She made sure I was happy and was super sweet. She left me with extra tissues for my random tears and extra lipstick. I felt beautiful. The next step was my hair. We agreed ahead of time to be badass and get a Mohawk with the inflammatory breast cancer colors of pink and orange. It turned out great. I was so nervous about this. The process took time and we just enjoyed one another’s company laughing along the way, with my hairdresser sharing one hilarious story after another. All the while, the professional photographer was just snapping pictures . Nothing posed. I liked that. It’s nerve wracking enough to feel like the center of attention and getting such a dramatic change. She quietly and smoothly joked and snapped pics.

Now, this is where it got a bit more interesting You see, while Jess, my hairdresser, had been describing in our texts what her vision do the day had been, she mentioned that she thought it would be like where I’d be all isle of wonder woman. I told her I though that was great because I have a fascination with swords, and I even have one. So, I had let the cat out of the bag already. My husband packed the sword that morning while leaving the house. The photographer caught wind and it was all over. I had to pose with my sword after my new warrior makeover. I am a secret dweeb who like swords, but I didn’t want the world to know this. Well, it’s all over now. I was instructed to look bad-ass. But, I could only giggle at myself. It was fun. We were by a roundabout with plenty cars driving by while I’m standing in the middle of field holding a sword. All I could do was giggle.

It was empowering, pampering and loving. There is something ceremonial about shaving your head for chemo. It can be somber, heart breaking and sad. If you have a friend do it with you, it can be less lonely and can strengthen relationships.

But, I must say, my own Warrior Makeover made me feel loved, blessed and ready to face the challenge ahead. It gave me confidence. It made me gain friends…beautiful selfless women who reached out and held me steady. It was unexpected and beautiful.

I believe everyone who has to go through chemo hair loss should have a Warrior Makeover. Not just breast cancer women, but anyone. It should something that catches on and is done. I shouldn’t be the only person who had angels during this normally traumatic experience! Share the idea!

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